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Getaway Beach Resorts in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a beautiful nation with many appealing getaway beaches where you can spend quality time alone or with your loved ones. Local and international tourists experience Ghana in the luxurious and peaceful scenery.

Blue Diamond Beach Resorts

It is a fascinating resort situated in a peaceful place in the central region of Ghana. Blue Diamond Beach Resorts is a luxurious getaway resort for anyone looking for a quiet and peaceful place far away from the city. It is a great resort to relieve stress, meditate, and refocus on your goals. It is a unique resort where visitors are allowed to play with pets. If you are a pet lover, this is the best getaway site where you can play with fowls, cats, parrots, guinea fowls, or peacocks. Residing at Blue Diamond Beach resort offers a fantastic chance to tour other historical sites in Ghana. It is situated near a colonial fishing town with various castles, ancient churches, and other areas.

The Royal Senchi Resort

The Royal Senchi Resort is an ideal beach resort in the Eastern Ghana region. It is a suitable site for weekend retreats and relaxation. The Royal Senchi Resorts is a five-star resort with a well-organized staff ready to give you the most memorable moments in your life. This luxurious resort is usually full over the weekends; therefore, booking it some days before your visit is advisable. The cheapest room packages start from two hundred dollars, and it is advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Lemon Beach Resort

Lemon Beach Resort is a famous getaway site in the central region of Ghana. It is a favorite getaway resort for many couples in Ghana. The lemon beach resort is a luxurious site whose services are affordable to everyone regardless of their budget. For instance, you can get a sea view for only one hundred dollars. When travelling to Ghana for the first time, you can consider Lemon Beach Resort vacation packages because they are quite affordable. Most rooms in this resort face the sea and have a unique cooling system.

Maaha Beach Resorts

Maaha Beach Resort is a favorite getaway where you can experience all the African traditions in a fantastic way. It is situated far from Accra City and is an ideal getaway. The getaway packages come with a chance to tour Nzulezu village. It is a natural and luxurious resort with African design and cool and peaceful surroundings. Maaha Beach Resort is a good relaxation destination. Although the price depends on the season, the regular price ranges from $120 to 300 dollars.

White Sand Beach Resort

White Sand Beach Resort features sea-view rooms and other outstanding facilities such as Spa services. It is somehow expensive to book the room on the resort’s website and cheaper to book on leading travel agents in Ghana. Besides being a great getaway, it is a fantastic lovers’ destination where most partners go to bond. Visitors can either bask in the private pools or the tropical gardens. Special dishes are prepared to make the visit more memorable.

Meet Me There

Meet Me There is one of the best Beach getaways in Ghana situated in Dzaita. This getaway resort features modern facilities and is an ideal nature lover. If you are planning to spend a night there, rooms price range from $35 to 70 dollars. Booking a room before the actual visit is cheaper compared to getting a room when you get there. Meet Me There website is economical to book rooms. It is an eco-friendly environment where you calmly relax and have fun alone or with your friends.

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