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How to Make Money on YouTube

by The Ghana HIT

YouTube is a popular online platform; users spend some time watching entertainment videos and tutorials. Currently, most people rely on YouTube to make money by advertising their businesses and products. According to statistics, YouTube users watch around five billion YouTube daily.

The basic requirements to start making money through the YouTube platform include getting video editing software and a computer or a laptop. It would be best if you had a clear strategic approach to whatever you what to accomplish on YouTube. Although it is easy to make money, beginning maybe somehow tricky because it involves building trust with your target audience. Some of the common to make money online include;

1. Use affiliate links on YouTube

Endorsing affiliate links in your channel can significantly boost the amount of money you earn. It is advisable to tell your audience about the links in your video content and put them in the first lines after your content description. YouTube affiliate links are like the standard links that most bloggers use to promote their work and make money. Most viewers only follow these links if they know they like your content; therefore, always work on creating great content. Helping your viewers solve their day in day out problems build more trust, and thus, the number of your subscribers increases immensely.

2. Become a YouTube partner and earn from video advertisements.

YouTube partners make money in various ways, but the common source of revenue for them is advertisements. The popular ways of making money through your YouTube channel are including adverts before your videos and adding channel memberships.

Beware that some set rules and laws should be adhered to before being certified as YouTube Partner. Besides following the YouTube advertisements rules, you should have at least four thousand video watch hours on your channel within the last year and a minimum of one thousand subscribers. A live stream is an excellent method to improve your audience’s trust because most people love meeting.

3. Loyal Fans Funding

After building trust for the audience, you can request them to crowdfund your channel. Understanding the age gap of your audience is a very significant step before asking for any support from them. It is an excellent way to fund your upcoming videos and generate some income. The common crowdfunding platform is Patreon which makes the process of receiving payments for your content easier. You can encourage your loyal fans to contribute small amounts of money and subscribe to your channel. This can really promote your content.

Another funding service is Tipee; it is a popular process where fans can contribute to you. Both non-profit and profit YouTube channels motivate the fans to contribute so that their channels can run well. Fans don’t find it hard to support your channels if your content is exciting, motivating, or entertaining.

4. Understanding Your YouTube SEO

Maximizing your YouTube Channel SEO can significantly improve the income you acquire from YouTube. The first thing is to understand what most people mainly search on YouTube and add significant keywords to your content. Ensure that you include high-value keywords in your videos, descriptions, and videos to attract a large audience. You can check your YouTube Traffic sources report to understand what people search for when discovering your hosted videos.
Getting keywords is easy; you only need to google what you want based on your content, video, or tutorials.

5. Become an Amazon Influencer

The Amazon influencer is an excellent source of YouTube income, slowly becoming famous each day. Being an Amazon Influencer allows you to take full advantage of your presence to make money through Amazon recommendations. Once you are a member of this program, you can review and recommend products and direct your viewers to Amazon to buy through affiliate links. When your viewers buy through your link, you get some commissions. Additionally, Amazon also allows content creators to promote their commodities.

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