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Mountains, Highlands, and Caves to explore when visiting Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is well known for its wide range of natural tourist attractions. Many tourists travel to Ghana to have fun and create lasting memories. The top areas of interest include history, Ecology, Culture, and Recreation. The government in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, has been working to promote Ghanaian tourism and all related activities.

Nature lovers travel to Ghana to explore natural features such as mountains, caves, highlands, and many more. The most explored natural resources include;

Mount Afadjato

Mount Afadjato is among the most visited tourist attractions in Volta Region. This mountain receives thousands of visitors from various regions of the world each year. Mount Afadjato is among the tallest mountains in West Africa, with a height of 885 meters.

Mount Afadjato borders Aduadu peak, which is more than nine hundred meters high. Tagbo Falls and Wli Falls are near this mountain, so tourists can explore these natural attractions. Besides, there are other hidden attractions of streams, caves, and other waterfalls in the Volta region.

Adukulu Mountains

The Adukulu Mountains is a perfect hike place, although it is somehow difficult. Hiking on this mountain allows you to see beautiful birds, butterflies, and monkeys on your way to the uppermost part of the mountain. The Adukulu Mountains is in a beautiful region perfect for nature lovers. The management of this area allows camping on the top of this mountain.

Gambaga Scarp

Gambaga scarp is a famous stop-over that offers an amazing time to explore Gambaga Kings Palace and the homestead of the Witches. You can freely interact with the witches during your visit before progressing to Nakpanduri’s viewpoint. Nakpanduri offers amazing views of the Scarp and the surrounding region.

Krobo Mountains- Klowen

The Krobo Mountains are alleged to have been the first home of the Krobo people when they moved to Ghana during the 16th century. These mountains served as a natural hiding place against looting slave raiders and other assailants. The krobos were forced to return to their home in the 18th century. Amazing architectural designs and ruins of structures are still present, and when visiting this mountain, you can see them.

Kwahu Scarp

The Kwahu scarp is situated in a beautiful region where the Kwahus live. There are various well-planned, scenic communities with gorgeous homes. The Afram plain is an interim area of wooded savannah land. Volta River is broad in this region; therefore, the people residing around this scarp engage in activities such as fishing and boating. Visits to the DIGYA Game reserve can be organized from this region.

Mountain Dzebobo

Mount Dzebobo is situated in a cool temperate climate near Volta Lake. It is the second-highest mountain, and tourists enjoy exploring it since it offers great scenic views of Volta Lake. Hiking in this mountain allows tourists to see the beautiful scenery.

Tano and Buoyem Groves

Tano and Buoyem Groves have a marvelous rock formation. These groves are the source of the Tano river, which drains its water into the sea, three hundred kilometers from the Ivorian shore.

The Atewa Range

The Atewa range is a famous tourist attraction site in Ghana. The range is a first priority for most nature lovers visiting Ghana. The Atewa Range is home to wild animals, several bird species, and endangered butterfly species. The largest butterfly in Africa, the Giant swallow, resides in this range.

The Kwahu Scarp and Akwapem-Togo Mountains

They are prominent tourist attraction sites that receive many tourists each year.


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