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Made in Ghana – Here are 5 Items

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Ghana is a country with rich culture, gold, diamonds, and cocoa amongst other things. Ever wonder what are some unique items you can only find in this great nation?! 

Here are 5 things made in Ghana. 

  1. The original women Kente
  2. Akan Brass Items
  3. African Black Soap
  4. Bolgatange Baskets
  5. Fugu Shirt

1. The Original Women Kente

This is one of the most famous Ghanaian heavy cotton fabrics that come in different colors which have a different meaning. Kente has gone from generation to generation for centuries. It represents Ghana’s history and is becoming popular especially in China.

Woven kente fabric

2. Akan Brass Items

The Akan people of Ghana are known for their casting of items from Gold and brass. These items are very popular in Kumasi, Ghana. In the olden days, these items were used as currency before they were replaced by notes and coins. When visiting Ghana it’s important to visit the Center of National Culture to get to know more about Akan people and their items.

Akan goldweights

3. African Black Soap

African black soap is a very popular traditional soap that originated in Ghana. The soap which is made of honey, Shea and ash of harvested plants is used as a cleansing soap and a skin moisturizer. The soap is also popular for reducing scars, stretch marks and improving skin tone. 

African Soap

4. Bolgatange Baskets

The Bolgatanga baskets are very popular in Ghana. They are woven by men of the FraFra tribe and can be used as shopping baskets, laundry baskets. There are also smaller ones that are used as handbags. The baskets are sold all over Ghana and therefore you will not have to look for them.

Bolgatanga baskets

5. Fugu Shirt

The popular Ghana shirts are made from a national cloth called Gonja. The shirts are traditionally woven coming in different color combinations. The shirts have remained very popular in Ghana even though at the moment they are selling more outside of the country. The cloth can also be used to make dresses and blouses. 

Matokeo ya picha ya fugu shirt ghana

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