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Reasons you should Visit Sunyani in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Sunyani was officially established in the 19th century as an elephant hunters’ station camp. A beautiful town is worth your visit. It is the capital city of the Brong-Ahafo region in Ghana. This town started gaining fame during the 20th century when the Colonial government constructed a road linking Sunyani to Kumasi. Besides, the town’s proximity to the great Accra city makes it famous. Sunyani is a leading nature tourist destination with a fantastic climate. Gorgeous waterfalls, sanctuaries, famous cathedrals, and historic structures surround this town. Most people living in this town rely on farming as their source of income.

Sunyani has a beautiful culture and many places where tourists can go shopping. A large number of the shopping centers in Sunyani are modern, and many branded and local products such as baskets, clothes, and bags. Sunyani has several famous education centers, such as Sunyani polytechnic, the Catholic University, Natural resources, and the University of Energy. The main tourists attractions in Sunyani include;

Sunyani Cathedral

The Sunyani cathedral is a famous religious center where people from various religious groups meet. The magnificence and sacredness of the Sunyani cathedral make it a significant worship center.

The Cocoa House

The Cocoa House is an important landmark and a main tourist attraction site. It is one of the highest buildings in Sunyani town. It is among the most visited tourist attraction sites in Sunyani. The Cocoa House receives a significant number of tourists each year.

Kimtampo Waterfalls

Kimtampo waterfalls is a beautiful tourist attraction site several kilometers from Sunyani town. Kimtampo is among the tallest waterfalls in Ghana, it receives water from the Pumpim River. The lengthiest drop of this waterfall is twenty-five meters.


Fiema is a small village well known because of the Boabeng-Fiema Monkey sanctuary. Boabeng-Fiema sanctuary is home to more than seven hundred monkeys living in harmony with people residing in this region.

Ghana Armed Forces Museum

The Ghana Armed Forces Museum is a significant tourist attraction site in Sunyani. The Museum has a rich military history, and therefore a professional guide accompanies tourists whenever they visit this site. The entry fee to this museum is only twenty cedis. All the cell where the Ashanti people resided while fighting for Ghanaian freedom still exists. The history of the armed forces in Ghana exists in pictures, flags, guns, artifacts, and small holes. The Ghana armed forces museum can be explored in one hour and twenty minutes.

Sunyani has several accommodations where tourists can spend their nights. The Eusbett Hotel is among the most preferred restaurants in this town. Visitors can reside in many luxurious hotels and guesthouses in Sunyani town. When traveling to Ghana, it is advisable to access accommodations websites to book. Additionally, you can reach the staff through call or email to book your room.

Kumasi town is not far from Sunyani; therefore, you can also explore the tourist attractions in Kumasi. Besides, you can reside in Kumasi town. The most preferred hotels in Kumasi and Sunyani are hotel Georgia, hotel Joyflux, Royal Park Hotel, Sanbra hotel, hotel de jet Ltd, Wadoma Royale hotel, Eusbett hotel, Lake Bosomtwe Paradise Resort, Laposada Royal hotel, great luck hotel, Amis wonderland hotel, Golden Tulip Kumasi City, True vine hotel, Durbar Court hotel, and Bek Egg Premier hotel and conference center.

You can visit Sunyani any month, but the best time is during the dry seasons, from November to February. Sunyani is a beautiful town that is worth your time and visit.

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