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The Best Weekend Getaways Far From Accra

by The Ghana HIT

Weekend getaways away from Accra are far from noise and crowding. There are amazing sites to relax and enjoy with your loved ones or close friends far from Accra. If you want to merge your vacation with leisure, try getaways sites in Ghana.

Oasis Beach Resort

Oasis Beach Resort is a fascinating getaway on the Cape Coast where most tourists and locals to relax and have fun. Oasis Beach Resort offers an amazing time to enjoy live music performances and local and international cuisines. There is a cocktail bar within these premises where you enjoy local cocktails and drinks.

Oasis Beach Resort nightclub guarantees maximum entertainment throughout the night, particularly during weekend parties. It is a vibrant environment to spend your weekends and vacations in Ghana.


Volta is a scenic region in Ghana with great waterfalls, thick forests, rivers, and hiking trails. You can go fishing at the Volta river in the local fishermen’s company and enjoy riding a canoe. Volta is the perfect place for hiking and ecotourism tourism activities. The Ewe community is the largest population in this region.


Ada is one of the prominent getaways away from Accra city. It is a beautiful site with attractive beach resorts and quality restaurants that services all types of cuisines. The volta river meets the Atlantic Ocean in Ada, decorated with palms and creek islands. If you want a vibrant environment to relax during the weekend, try Ada region, this site can spice up moods and weekend.

Ada is just a few kilometers from other tourist attractions, for instance, the bird’s territory, Sangor Lagoon, and wetland areas. Besides, there are historical sites that you can explore while when visiting this region. Ada is home to the earliest presbyterian church in Ghana.


Tamale is among the fastest-growing cities in Ghana, and It is well-known for connecting agricultural and commercial societies. It is the third most populated city in Ghana and the second largest. The Mole National park is a significant and prominent tourist attraction site in Tamale that receives many tourists each year.

Tamale has several cultural stalls colored with handmade artifacts. Most recreational sites in this city organize music and dance performances, particularly during the weekends. The Sudanese-styled Larabanga Mosque grants an idea of how the 14th century looked. The entire weekend is enough to explore all the tourist sites in Tamale and the local kraal buildings with conical straw roofs east of Tamale.

Wli Waterfalls

Wli Waterfalls is the largest waterfall in West Africa, situated in the famous Volta region. It is located at a great topography surrounded by forests filled with wildlife; these forests are ever-glowing throughout the year.

The trail leading to this waterfall is well-maintained and clean, and there are trash containers to put trash.

Other key tourist attractions are neighboring this fall, such as Agumatsa sanctuary, which hosts more than two hundred bird species and four hundred butterfly species. It is approximately 30GHc from Accra to Wli Waterfalls when using public transport. Tourists pay an entrance fee of 60GHc to Wli Waterfalls and 20GHc for a tour guide. It is an amazing getaway for creating lasting memories.

Aqua Safari

Aqua Safaris is a peaceful and vibrant getaway site away from the city of Great Accra. It is an exciting place for everyone regardless of age, and Aqua Safari has all the facilities that allow everyone to enjoy it to the fullest. Aqua Safari has great restaurants where you can enjoy well-made dishes, international and local.

Aqua offers inspiring and luxurious experiences with amazing artwork. Aqua is home to various wild animals and a crocodile island. There is a beach where you can spot whales and other water animals.

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