Home Health Swine flu outbreak hits Akuse Methodist Senior High School.

Swine flu outbreak hits Akuse Methodist Senior High School.

by The Ghana HIT

A swine flu outbreak has hit the Akuse Methodist Senior High School. A report indicated that most students tested positive for the virus. Out of 34 samples taken in the school, 13 students tested positive for swine flu, while 19 tested positive for human coronavirus.

However, Eastern region Director of Health Service Dr. Winfred Ofosu insisted that the situation was under control. According to her: “We asked them to get one of the dormitories and isolate them, but they have a problem with structures, and they also did not have money to rent a place, so they looked at those who really had the symptoms for them to enter a room in the sickbay. The place is in Akuse we had a hospital there, so the doctors take care of them. All those children care fine. They didn’t show any serious symptoms that warranted hospitalization, but we wanted to know the cause of the respiratory illness, so we took samples; some were tested for covid-19. There is no cause for alarm.”

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