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The Impact of TikTok on Ghanaian Education

by The Ghana HIT

Despite TikTok being an entertainment application, teachers are using the app to interact with their students and encourage learning. Some teachers claim that TikTok is an unappealing learning platform, but a large number of teachers seem to be comfortable with using this platform for learning purposes. It is an engaging platform and a creative way to make learning more exciting and memorable. Statistics indicate that Teenagers and small children interact with their teachers via TikTok.

There are several ways that TikTok can be employed within the classroom and in remote-based learning.

Teaching a Subject

TikTok is an entertaining and engaging way for learners to show their knowledge of the major concepts of each subject they learn. The app is a famous way to complement a classroom lesson on issues mainly related to history and grammar. Teachers in many parts of Ghana quickly integrate TikTok into their study to fully deliver their teaching roles and ensure that all the students grasp all the concepts. Some teachers request students to create a short TikTok clip of what they have learned to confirm whether they understood the concepts. Besides, other students use the concepts they learn to create a video to entertain and educate their followers.

Teachers use TikTok to Explain Lesson Concepts.

Most teachers are resolving to create TikTok accounts and share educative videos that other TikTokers have already made to describe and explain lesson concepts entirely. Using TikTok to explain lessons provides learners a good way of emphasizing their understanding of the topic, and they can easily access the video whenever they want. It is an efficient way to ensure that your learners understand all the concepts.

Create a Final year Project

Students use the hashtag #finalproject to share their final year projects. You can quickly get an idea of how you will handle your final project by searching other students’ final projects because there are a lot of excellent videos that students have made. Although some students do their final project alone, doing it as a group using TikTok makes the entire experience more enjoyable. Tutors can issue a particular topic to their learners, and then all the students agree among themselves on the task they will play in TikTok.

To create Awareness in the School.

Teachers and students can use TikTok to create awareness in their schools and other institutions. Tutors and other school staff can inspire their learners to be creative and use TikTok to come up with videos for dances, sporting events, school science fairs, debates, and clubs. Fellow students can see all the events happening within each school. This brings interactions of students from different schools.

Connect with other Tutors

TikTok is not just for students but also Tutors. Teachers can use TikTok to connect with other tutors from their places and other parts of the country. Teachers can learn so much by following fellow teachers; some learn new ideas and techniques to teach a particular concept and how to interact with their students. Teachers exchange advice and tips on what works and what does not work in the classroom.

Build Good Relationships with Students

TikTok plays a vital role in ensuring that students and teachers have a good relationship. A good relationship encourages students to interact with their tutors well, and this can easily result in a good performance. TikTok allows students to know their tutor’s life beyond the classroom. Students acquire more confidence in interacting with their teachers in class once they understand how they behave beyond school.

TikTok Generates Student interactions

Educational hashtags created by teachers give students an excellent chance to interact with each other by sending each other educational videos related to the hashtags. Students’ interactions simplify the learning process and also build good relationships among the students.

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