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The Leading Festivals Tours in Ghana in 2023

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is well-recognized as an African Nation with rich culture and history. Some festivals are celebrated nationwide, but some are only specific to certain tribes. A list of the leading festivals attracting tourists from various parts of the world is already out, and you can now book in advance to avoid being left behind. Most of these tours are accompanied by other enjoyable activities to make the experience more exciting. Festivals are exciting ceremonies that mark important days in Ghanaian history, for instance, the end of the drought.

Afrochella Festival

It is an interesting festival that attracts many people, including Ghanaians in the diaspora. The festival runs for eleven days, from 28th December to 7th January each year. Afrochella is a three-in-one ceremony; therefore, you will enjoy attending al these events. The masquerading festival in Winneba, Afrochella events, and the Edina Broya festival in Elmina are the top events you cannot afford to miss.

The charges for these events cater to other entertaining moments such as relaxing at the gorgeous sand beaches, exploring historical features such as forts and castles, touring the stilt village of Nzulezu, and the canopy walkway at Kakum National park. It is an exciting tour to attend, to sum up, the December in Ghana events. If you missed this year’s celebration, you can book next year’s festival in advance.

African Voodoo and Traditional Festival Tour

The African Voodoo and traditional festival tour started on 6th January 2023 and is anticipated to end on 13th January 2023. It is one of the long-awaited celebrations in Ghana and other African nations. Generally, it is a modern and traditional tour organized to bring together people to learn more about varied cultures. This year’s tour started in Ghana with exploring the great Accra city; then they moved to Lome, the capital of Togo, before proceeding with the festival. From Togo, the entire crowd will cross to Benin to join the celebrations in Ouidah, the origin of voodoo culture.

After this celebration, the congregation can tour other sacred places in Benin before returning to Ghana. Once the people arrive in Ghana, they join traditional blessings and Osu nightlife before concluding the Celebrations.

Aboakyer Festival Tour

This festival is scheduled to take place from 28th April 2023 to 7th May 2023. Aboakyer Festival is a renowned event that features young warrior groups in Winneba who compete to get a live deer. It is a great competition that you should include in your calendar in 2023. Besides, the Akwasidea festival for the Ashanti king is also held in conjunction with this festival. The other interesting activities that accompany this event include touring the former slave castles in Elmina and Cape Coast, touring the traditional villages of the Ashanti Kingdom, and a canopy trail walk.

Panafest and Ada Asafotufiami Festival Tours

Panafest and Ada, Asafotufiami Festival Tours, will start on 28th July 2023 and to 6th August 2023. Panafest festival is normally held to honor all the heroes who struggled to make Ghana a better place. This year’s celebrations will be held on the Volta River in Ada, where the volta river drains into the sea. Some of the critical events that are part of this event include Emancipation Day, a Door of Return ceremony at the 2023 Panafest, drumming and dancing, exciting parades, and Reverential night.

All these tours are meant to explore significant festivals in Ghana. Booking in advance grants you a five percent discount on the total cost. Ghana is the best African destination for cultural tours, where you get a chance to interact with the locals and their leaders, such as chiefs who lead the ceremonies.

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