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The Most Prominent Transport Ways to Move Around Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a famous West African tourist destination with beautiful historical sites, beaches, and cities. Exploring Ghana is easy because there are many ways of transport to explore various regions. Traveling around Ghana as a visitor can be challenging due to the many unsaid and unwritten rules. The prominent ways to move around Ghana include;

Hire a car

If you are a good driver and trust yourself, you can hire a car and drive around Ghana. There are several international hire organizations situated in Accra city. Some roads in Ghana have path holes; others are not finished, and there are livestock, people, and wildlife crossing the streets; therefore, it demands a lot of concentration to drive around Ghana. Most of the cities in Ghana are heavily congested during the morning and evening hours. You can hire a car with a driver at a slightly higher cost per day. It is more challenging to hire a car without a local driver because most of them are used to driving on these roads and know all the road rules. It is advisable to ensure that the car you hire is covered for driving on dusty roads.

Board Taxis to Get around Ghana

Taxis are the safest way to get around Ghana but the most expensive mode of road transport. No one regulates taxis, and therefore you have to negotiate a fare. Taxi drivers typically charge tourists more transport fees; therefore, do not just accept their price and ensure you negotiate to a lower price. Despite being safe, many tourists prefer Uber and Bolt rides because they are more convenient.

Aeroplanes are a Faster way of transport

Two main airlines operate locally within Ghana. Each airline flies daily to big cities such as Kumasi, Tamale, and Takoradi. Only one airline has flights to Wa, Ho, and Sunyani from Accra city. Although planes are the fastest means of transport, they are the most expensive ways to get around Ghana. Flights are the best way to avoid overland trips. Aeroplanes guarantee a smooth vehicle from one region to another. Since most attraction sites are scattered in various towns, flights are the perfect choice in such cases.

Rideshare is a standard option in Big Cities.

Although rideshare charges can be high during peak hours, they are cheaper than regular taxis. Rideshares are common in big cities such as Accra, Tamale, Kumasi, and Cape coast. These rides are also available during the peak season, especially around major tourist attractions.

Bolt and Ubers are the most efficient ways to get around; finding rideshares at a fixed price is easy. Uber and Bolt’s prices vary; therefore, it is advisable to download the two apps, compare prices, and choose the most affordable price for your route. Most drivers prefer cash more than online money, and your ride can be disregarded when you pay using a card or any other digital way. Uber is available in Accra and Kumasi, while Bolt is available in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi and Cape Coast. Rideshare can be used to tour different cities once the driver accepts. Most visitors prefer to use Uber or Bolt because the app has a map of the trip as it is happening.

Public Buses are the Major Ways to Travel around Ghana

Ghana’s public buses are safe and affordable means of transport for short and long distances. It is comfortable to move from one tourist attraction site to another using buses. Although you can buy bus tickets online, bus stations also sell tickets, but you should arrive there before they run out. You can confirm the routes before purchasing your ticket and also ensure to go to the right station because a single city has several stations. People pay an extra charge for any luggage they have.

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