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The Significant Aspects of Ghanaian Culture

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a culturally diverse nation with some notable unique aspects. When visiting Ghana, it is good to be open-minded and flexible to experience the Ghanaian culture fully. The culture is diverse, but this article will highlight the most notable aspects of Ghanaian culture. The top aspects of Ghanaian culture include;

Personal Space

The people of Ghana are polite and do not fear invading personal space. Most cultures, especially the Europeans, demand respect for personal space, but when visiting, you should be aware that anyone can invade your space. Some tourists find it irritating to invade their personal space, but that is a non-issue to Ghanaians. Passengers push against you without any apology, especially in a crowded area.

Public Affection

It is common to see friends of any gender walking around holding hands as a sign of public affection. Holding hands does not symbolize romance in Ghana; it signifies friendship. Locals can easily grab your hand in public, therefore, do not resist in case it happens. Public romantic affection is culturally not accepted in Ghana; it is a cultural taboo.


Ghana is a religious nation with a large number of Christians compared to other countries. It is categorized as one of the most religious countries in the world. It is only four percent of the total population in Ghana does not belong to any religion. All the people observe the Sabbath by closing their businesses. People wear decent clothes while attending church services as a sign of respect and honor. Other people observe the Sabbath by playing gospel songs.


Greeting is very important in Ghana. Talking to strangers is very common in Ghana. Most people are very friendly and hospital to all people, including visitors. People greet each other with respect and express their concerns. Sometimes they can whistle to get your attention and get a chance to greet you. Ghanaians normally express interest in you in a friendly manner.

When you visit a local homestead, you should greet everyone separately. Handshake is a common greeting among Ghanaians; it helps build a strong bond with anyone you meet. Greetings; start with a right-handed high-five.

Ghana has a Relaxed Lifestyle.

Ghanaians adopt a relaxed lifestyle, and being late is their norm. Generally, events and meetings do not start on time when you agree on a time to meet; people start arriving one hour later. It is not rude to arrive later and apologize. When visiting Ghana, it is good to embrace a more relaxed lifestyle.

Public vehicles do not operate on schedules. Besides, some roads are rough and can make movement around Ghana somehow difficult. Most delays result from power cuts and the reluctant nature of Ghanaians. It is the nature of Ghanaians to move slowly.

Explore cities using Google Maps

Technology has evolved in many sectors, including transport. Ghanaians have adopted the culture of using google maps whenever visiting new places. Tourists can move around Ghanaian cities using google maps. The cities have the quality infrastructure, modern luxury apartments, and many entertainment points.

Ghanaian believe that you should concentrate on one thing; for instance, you should not be chatting or listening to loud music when walking. You should always stay alert to all people around you.

Dressing Code

The people of Ghana are generally decent. They dress in long modest clothes and closed-toed shoes. It is advisable to dress well when visiting Ghana; you should not wear anything that exposes your body or is too tight. Kente clothes are respectable clothes mainly worn in traditional ceremonies and other events.

It is interesting to learn about new cultures, especially if you are a foreigner or from a different continent. If you are planning a cultural trip to Ghana, you should be flexible and willing to do things their way.

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