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Why Accra is the Ideal destination for a Summer Vacation

by The Ghana HIT

Accra is a vibrant city that supports all types of lifestyles, and it is situated in the lush forest region. It is an interesting tourist center and among the leading summer destinations in west Africa due to its favorable climate. The city offers a lot to tourists. If you’ve never been to Accra during the summer season, then you have not yet experienced the best of Ghana. Summer is a warm and welcoming weather season to explore all tourist attractions, especially National parks. It never gets boring to be in Accra because it is a peaceful city with friendly and welcoming residents.

Swim and relax at the Beaches

Summer is a warm season where you can swim and spend some quality time at the beaches. Visitors love basking under the warm sun. Labadi Beach is one of the famous beaches in Accra and one of the most preferred beaches by most visitors. The beach has so many exciting activities that you can participate in during your vacation. Some of these activities include horse riding, beach ball games, and many others. Although the beach receives a lot of people over the weekends, it is quite some days.

Explore wildlife and Reserves

Wildlife makes the country and city more beautiful. The summer season is the ideal time to spot all the wild animals because they go a long distance looking for water. Shai Hills Resource Reserve is a wildlife site situated at the edge of Accra city. It is among the most accessible wildlife centers in Ghana. The reserve is home to approximately thirty-one varied mammals, thirteen reptiles, and seventeen bird species. It is so exciting to see all these animals in one place, some of the animals like playing a lot, but you should be cautious because they can harm you. You can take pictures of these animals for memories or even share them with your family and friends.

Shop at Makola Market

Makola market is one of the famous markets in Ghana situated in Accra. It is a big open market that sells lots of things ranging from clothes to food staff. If you want to shop for Ghanaian wear, then this should be your market. You will get the original kente cloth and other traditional things that will always remind you of a vacation in Ghana. Besides, you can shop for some spices that you can use at home. It is one of the places that you can’t afford to miss during your holiday in Accra.

Explore castles

Castles fall under Ghanaian history. The Osu Castle in Accra was initially the seat of Government till 2013 before it was transferred to Flagstaff House. It was constructed in 1659 by the Danes government. Tourists are allowed to this castle but are not allowed to take pictures of the castle. If you love history, this should be your destination. It is usually interesting to learn Ghanaian history. The other historical sites in this city include the Kwame Nkrumah mausoleum, Ghana National Museum, and Independence Square.

The Du Bois Memorial Centre for Pan-African Culture

William Edward Burghardt Du Bois was the father of Pan-Africanism. To honor his excellent work, the Ghanaians named the Memorial center after his name. William Edward was an African-American civil rights activist; he officially became a Ghanaian citizen in the 1960s. William Edward Burghardt and his wife died in Ghana, and they were both buried here. His house still has most of his treasures, such as his graduation robe and personal library. His Tomb is surrounded by a restaurant and the research center for Pan African history and culture.

Arts and Culture

Accra has a rich culture and arts. There is various galleries and exhibitions center with traditional paintings and carvings. You can participate in painting and other art activities. Besides, you can shop for gifts and crafts at the art centres.

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