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Reasons You Should Visit Bunso Ecopark.

by The Ghana HIT

Although Ghana has various fascinating tourist attractions, several reasons can motivate you to visit a particular site consistently. Being satisfied by visiting a specific attraction site gives you a good reason to go back to the same place or even be motivated to explore similar sites. Bunso Eco Park is among the famous tourist attractions in Ghana and the most visited site.

It is situated at Abuakwa South Municipality. Bunso Eco- Park was initially known as Bunso Arboretum. Statistics indicate that Bunso Eco Park is among the top Eco parks in Africa. Eco Park has several sites and activities that will definitely motivate to visit such sites. The atmosphere of this park is very calm and clean, and therefore you will breathe safe and fresh air.

The management of Bunso Eco- Park is working to ensure that they create the best memories for anyone of visits the sites. They recently added an adult swing where people can relax and have a fantastic time while swinging. If you’ve never been to this park, you should organize to visit. All the facilities in this park give visitors an exceptional entertainment experience.

Bunso Eco- Park is a thick forest with medicinal plants, herbs, and wild animals. Friendly guides in this park ensure that you fully explore the park and learn more about native and exotic plants and their healing purpose. Besides, all the visitors also experience Ghanaian village life and cocoa farming by visiting the nearby village. Bunso Eco Park is home to more than 105 bird species, 57 snake species, 300 butterfly species, 600 species of plants, and various fruits such as passion, star fruit, and grapes.

The key tourist features include a commercial canopy trail, commercial zipline, kids’ playground, a horse ranch, and a snack bar. It is a fascinating place to go for hiking and also biking. Besides, you get a fantastic chance to explore all the other historical sites around this park.

1. Adult Swing
It is the most recent feature to be added to Bunso Eco Park. It is the only adult swing in entire Ghana. It is a modern swing and therefore if you are planning to relax with your lover or a friend and make memories, then this is where you should go relax.
2. Canopy Walkway
It is the second-highest canopy walkway after the Kakum canopy and a key feature in this park. The canopy will give you a reason to frequently this tourist attraction site. Bunso Eco- Park features two canopy trails for young children and adults; you can choose to walk on whichever you are more comfortable with. The experience of walking on ropes hanging high in the forest gives you a spectacular view of the various species of trees from a higher region. If you are afraid of heights, then you cannot manage to walk along this canopy trail, but you will enjoy doing other things.
3. Horse Ride
Bunso Eco- Park has live horses and other horse statues. All the horses are very disciplined and trained to ensure that all the visitors are safe and they enjoy themselves to their fullest. Visitors are given a chance to ride the horses through the park.
4. Zipline
It is the second-largest commercial zipline in West Africa. Most local tourists are not aware of how much fun people experience from using the Zipline, but they currently how enjoyable it is to use a zipline.
5. Butterfly and Bird Sanctuary
Bunso Eco- Park is home to various butterfly and bird species. The recommended time to see this species is the morning hours before 8 am. It is so exciting to walk around the park, observing the various plants and animal species. Since the guides are very knowledgeable and friendly, you can ask any question, and I can guarantee you will get the right answer. There is a snack bar where you can get some snacks anytime you are hungry.

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