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Why you should Visit Mountain Afadjato in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Mountain Afadjato is the top jewel of Ghana’s tourism. Most local and international tourists visit this mountain with a plan to get to its highest point. It is a fascinating and captivating experience to undertake. The Tagbo Falls and Wli Falls are among the key tourists in Ghana situated near Mount Afadjato. Mt. Afadjato is one of the most significant and visited tourists’ attractions in the Volta Region of Ghana. It receives over 1000 tourists from different countries of the world each year.

Mountain Afadjato is among the tallest mountains in Ghana; it is 885 metres high. It is situated in the Agumatsa Range adjacent to the Gbledi village and Liati Wote in the Volta Region. From the peak of Mountain Afadjato, tourists have some excellent scenic views of the neighboring societies, forests, mountains, valleys, and lake Volta from far. The highest point in Ghana, Aduadu, is around one Kilometer to the East from this Mountain. Aduadu’s peak is higher (900 metres high) than Mount Afadjato; however, it is considered smaller because it sits on top of another mountain.

The mountain assumes the shape of an ancient yarn mound, and it is enclosed with flourishing tropical forest. This region is prominent for its biodiversity richness. More than 300 butterfly species and 33 mammal species have so far been discovered in this mountain. Additionally, Mona and Spot-nosed monkeys are among the common wildlife around this mountain. Mount Afadjato has been designated as a significant Bird site in Ghana by BirdLife International.

When to Visit this Mountain
Although it is beautiful throughout the entire year, Dry season (October to March) is the perfect time to visit this Mountain. The water is low from the falls during the dry season, and the falls hike is mainly shaded. Butterflies tend to be many during the dry season, and tourists can easily spot them. The recommended time to hike Mt. Afadjato is either Early morning or late afternoon because the mountain has little shade during this time.

There is sufficient accommodation, meals, and refreshments around this mountain. The accommodations feature a flush toilet, a six-unit guesthouse, and showers. The management provides clean sheets, towels, and mosquito nets to all visitors on arrival. Camping is available at the visitor centre, and also homestays can be arranged. Food is usually prepared at an open-air building, and liquid refreshments are available in the village.
The Key thing that Tourists Participate in include:
Wild Watching
The forest in this mountain is an excellent reserve for all the wild animals. The mountain is rich with both small and big animals. There are more than one thousand animals such as insects, reptiles, cribs in the forest. The survival of most of these wild animals depends on the season.
While at this mountain, tourists can participate in hiking tours to explore the lower regions of the mountain. Tourists are advised to dedicate at least three days to hiking; there are sufficient camps where they can spend their nights. The trails are very steep, and the hiking involves a lot of climbing over rocks and tree roots. Hiking gives tourists a chance to see various wildlife, huge ferns, craters, and experience fantastic views.
Learn the Gbledi and Liati Woti Culture
The Ewe people reside around Mt. Afadjato; therefore, whenever tourists visit this place, they get a chance to interact with these people. They are very friendly and welcoming; visitors get a chance to learn the Ewe language and eat their traditional dishes. The residents also benefit when the tourists purchase some of the locally prepared products.
They are two ways that can take you to this mountain. The first route is at Liati Wote (main entrance), and the second is at Gbledi-Gbogame. There is a professional tour guide who accompanies tourists, and depending on your choice; you can use the path of your chance. At the peak, tourists get a fantastic view of the mountain and see the adjacent French Republic of Togo from a distance.

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