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Reasons you should visit Ada Foah.

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a famous tourist destination in West Africa, with various tourist attraction sites and beautiful towns along the coastal region. Ada Foah is among the most visited sites in Ghana because of its rich culture, history, and beautiful sites where tourists can comfortably relax and experience the best out of this town. Most local and international tourists travel to explore the Fascinating sites in Ada Foah.

Ada Foah is situated along the Volta River on the southeast coast of Ghana; it is off Accra-Aflao Road. Most of the residents in Ada Foah rely on fishing and farming. It features several fascinating beaches with an amazing coastal climate. The Most Visited sites in Ada Foah;

Aqua Safari Resort

Aqua Safari Resort is a magnificent resort situated at the centre of Ada Foah in Big Ada. It is commonly used for business and adventure activities; Aqua Safari Resort is a wonderful tourist destination. The resort features a bar and restaurant, a quality hotel, a swimming pool, calm and peaceful environment to relax. Tourists can participate in exciting activities such as boat cruising on the Volta River and other games like swimming, Football, and Volleyball.

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Tsarley Korpey Beach Resort

Tsarley Korpey is situated at the Edge of the Volta River. It features a great sitting area for visitors. The environment is favourable and very unique for all travellers and business people. Tsarley Korpey Beach Resort features full equipped guest rooms that are well-maintained, and therefore tourists can spend their night here. Additionally, there is a bar and restaurant, and a modern swimming pool. Visitors participate in interesting activities such as boat cruising.

Maranatha Beach

Maranatha Beach is situated in Kewunor, a small town in Ada Foah, where the Volta River and the Atlantic Ocean intersects. It is a great open place where you can relax and have fun with your family. You can participate in interesting activities, such as beach soccer, football, and swimming. It is an exciting tourist attraction site, especially during the holidays; the staff can organize a bonfire along the beach, and tourists can also dance overnight. The beach features small huts and rooms where visitors can spend their night. Riding a boat on the river is one of the significant activities which excites most tourists.

Crocodile Island

Crocodile Island is situated in Pediatorkope Island. Although most of the Crocodiles on this island are vanishing, some crocodiles have been well taken care of for tourism purposes. Tourists should hire a canoe or any boat operator in order to spot the crocodiles easily. It is an exciting adventure that you can afford to miss while at Ada Foah.

Peace Holiday Resort

Peace Holiday Resort is situated in Salikope-Ada in the Ada East District of the Greater-Accra Region. Holiday Resort is situated along the coastline of the Volta River. It is approximately one mile from the inlet with the Atlantic Ocean.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island is situated in Ada Foah along the Volta River around the Inlet. The island can only be accessed by crossing a river because it is in the middle of a river. Treasure island has amazing scenic views Volta River. The island features a modern swimming pool, a bar and a nightclub. It is a cool place where you can relax far away from noisy environments. You can visit Treasure Island with your loved one to enjoy and have fun together, besides you can go there as a group to enjoy the nightlife or even club together. Boat Cruising is one of the most activities that you definitely love while on this island.

Ada Foah is like a fascinating little town of Accra, full of interesting activities to do. The town has friendly and welcoming residents whoever willing to serve as tour guides. It is a significant tourist destination to most people in Love. Lovers travel here to enjoy and relax.

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