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Record High Deadly Floods In Africa

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In October 2019, massive flooding by torrential rains caused a considerable loss, and more than 180 people have lost their lives in Africa. However, the exact figures cannot be calculated. 

For the most part of Central Africa, October is the second rainy season. Whereas, in East African countries, it usually lasts until December.  The climatic conditions in the area have a significant impact on this region.

The problem is that the meteorological data from African countries are not readily available as compared to other regions around the world. The only figures are available for Kenya.

Pic from https://twitter.com/IFRCAfrica/status/1188714989739229184

According to the International Rescue Committee. 273,000 Somalis had to leave their homes as their whole town submerged in water completely. They have been evacuated by using boats and other equipment.

Some parts of South Sudan and Kenya were also affected by massive flooding. On 16TH October, heavy rain of 100mm was recorded in the port city of Mombasa.

It is said that more torrential rains can be caused by positive Indian Ocean Dipole that usually occurs when the Western part of the Indian Ocean becomes warmer than the eastern region.

Somali Government has called for an emergency. An estimated 12,000 people are displaced by massive flooding as stated by Kenyan Authorities.

On October 28th, the Capital of Ghana, Accra was affected by heavy flooding. Ghana’s National Disaster Management Organization issued a warning of floods and advised everyone to move to higher grounds. Due to the floodwater, parts of Accra-Tema Motorway were closed.

According to the local media of Ghana, an estimated 12 children have lost their lives because of the flood. Many of them drowned while trying to save themselves. Damages have been seen throughout the country; in Agbogba, a bridge collapsed. Citizens are also blaming the government for the poor drainage system in the country. 

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