Home News Famous Evangelist Osor Dies of Hunger.

Famous Evangelist Osor Dies of Hunger.

by The Ghana HIT

A Famous pastor by the name of Osor was found dead at the Madina Atomic Junction in Accra. The Evangelist died on July 23, 2021, and is suspected to have died due to hunger.

An eyewitness said, “Osor is a popular man of God who normally does his evangelism in this area. We normally give him money for food. We only know him by the name Osor. Unfortunately, we found him dead this morning. He usually sits under the Mango tree with his congregation. We are told he died this morning.

Though we are not sure of what may have killed him, we can only allege that a hunger strike may also be one of the major factors. An ambulance came for the body but can’t tell the exact hospital mortuary the body has been deposited in for autopsy,” he stated.

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