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Former Gold Coast Fund Management staff say they are suffering

by The Ghana HIT

The ex-staff of the defunct Gold Coast Fund Management have said they are not able to access their provident fund (Tier 3) from Pentrust Limited. They claimed that this situation has resulted in financial instability to the level that they are unable to fulfill the wants of their families. Due to this situation, their marriages are collapsing.

Speaking during an interview the Ex Gold Coast Fund Management staff stated that “our inability to pay our rents, feed our families and most importantly take care of our wives and children which has led to the dissolutions of marriages and loss of respect in our homes. We are suffering”. Therefore, they requested the National Pension Regulatory Authority to consider their situation.

“We, the ex-staff of Gold Coast Fund Management, wishes to bring to the notice of National Pension Regulatory Authority, NPRA and Government about the deliberate attempts by our pension administrator, Pentrust Limited and Board of Trustees’ not to pay our full Provident Fund (Tier 3) contributions”.

“Since November 2019, several attempts to get our Provident Fund paid to us have proven futile. The fund administrator has utterly failed to honour our demands. Therefore, we deem it very urgent and necessary to notify the National Pension Regulatory Authority, the regulator of Pentrust Ltd, and Government about these developments and the plight of the ex-staff”.

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