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Helena Rhabbles says that she almost lost her mind because of divorce

by The Ghana HIT

Helena Rhabbles has revealed how she almost lost her mind when her first marriage collapsed. The gospel musician said that her husband requested a divorce after returning from the United Kingdom.

Speaking during an interview, Helena said, “Mr. Rhabbles left the country to study in Leeds University in London for his masters. When he returned back to Ghana, he said he wouldn’t marry me anymore. I was at the Studio as at that time recording Satan don’t fall for ground.”

The gospel artist said that she still remained in her Husband’s house for two years. Besides, the church was involved in counseling them. “they sat us down, but what was causing the divorce wasn’t revealed, he was giving baseless facts,” she stated. Mr. Rhabbles charged her for putting a charm under his pillow.

Helena Rhabbles revealed that she could not stop thinking of how she had protected the marriage, so as a result of the stress she started walking while talking to herself. “One day, I wore my skirt and my top and walked from Sakumono to Regimanuel. I was just walking and talking. I remember talking.” Helena said that counseling and prayers from her friends made her stand

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