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I do not reconcile with my rivals- Deloris Frimpong

by The Ghana HIT

Deloris Frimpong Manso has warned the individuals who insult her on social media platforms and act like friends in real life. The celebrated TV host and the businesswoman stated that she never reconciles and anytime she beefs with you because of a fight. Deloris said that she does not entertain such behaviors.

She said that most individuals who disagree with her tend to collaborate on projects after insulting each other. “I have observed that, in this industry, when someone wants to beef with you, they start to throw shots at the person, if it is a musician, he or she will make a diss track and insult the other person, sometimes even affecting the person’s wife or family. The next minute you see the same person who insulted the other, collaborate on a project.”

“Sometimes back someone decided to beef me, took my issue to her page, and started throwing shots at me. Then I saw people I didn’t think I had issues with go on the same page and try to inflame the fight by urging the person on to troll me more. I saw one lady who after making unpleasant comments about me tried to call pretending they had said anything, but know me, I shut her down,” Frimpong Manso stated.

The TV host emphasized that those behaviors should not be entertained because the people are aware of what they are doing. Deloris Frimpong said that she never understands such kind people when they come back to work on any project together.

Besides, Frimpong disclosed that for more than 30 years their individuals have spoken due to such insults. “The energy you use to insult me on social media, Use the same energy when you see me. I don’t fight with people and reconcile. I will never fight with you and talk to you again. I have been at loggerheads with people for over thirty years. I don’t tolerate such behaviors.”

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