Home Entertainment I was ordered to leave office for not looking professional.

I was ordered to leave office for not looking professional.

by The Ghana HIT

A journalist has disclosed her experience when she decided to keep short hair. “While I was working for Joy FM, one day I laid down my wig and I appeared in my own hair; low and combed. What happened next was so shocking. I was asked to leave the office because my appearance was not professional, I looked like a small girl, my hair was unkempt,” she stated.

” First forward sometime after 2013, my hair had a blow-out and I had started wearing it in twists and later big twist-outs; surprisingly this style was somewhat accepted”

Some of my workmates called me names because of her natural hair. ” The next thing was going on air in my own hair, some people at work had problems with it. Being a woman on TV in Ghana around the year 2015 with natural hair was lonely.”

” Because of my unprofessional hair which was being accommodated at that time at work. I had to dress formally to look professional which means I had to do a shirt.”

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