Home Entertainment NDC Boys broke Bibi Bright’s car glass window.

NDC Boys broke Bibi Bright’s car glass window.

by The Ghana HIT

Actress Bibi Bright, a famous NPP supporter has narrated a sad incident that happened to her. She said that 2 boys who were in NDC T-shirts smashed her car’s glass window.

According to this actress, the boys called her and waved at her before breaking her glass window. The boys run away after executing this illegal plan.

Bibi who was narrating the story through her social media platform revealed that she was not happy about this incident. She emphasized that it’s okay for her to join NPP.

“I am a Ghanaian before anything, there is nothing wrong if I endorse a political party. This is wrong!
Bibi’s Instagram post read “Packing my car 2 boys in NDC t-shirts shouted my name and waved, I waved back at them. I was called a few minutes later that boys that waved at me when I just packed just broke my window and run away. I don’t even know how to feel about this.”

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