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Stacy Amewoyi- An Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Ghanaian Influencer

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The world most often sees the successful side of the story but don’t always know the challenging journey and the pains that many of these well-established entrepreneurs have to go through before they achieved success. 

The rise to the top of the corporate ladder was not an easy one for US-based Ghanaian Entrepreneur and Humanitarian Stacy Amewoyi, who embarked on a quest at the age of 17 to discover greener pastures that would change her and her brother’s life.

Becoming an orphan at a young age, Stacy Mawuena Amewoyi transformed her story from an orphan into a well-accomplished woman through her perseverance and deep faith in God. 

She has affected the lives of many around the globe- especially widows, needy yet genius students, and the socially marginalized, and inspires others to go above and beyond for those in need!

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Pushed by desire to succeed, Stacy took on menial jobs after Junior High School and later became a backup vocalist as well as a dancer for many famous musicians like Okyeame Kwame, 44, Dada KD, Nana Tuffour, Slim Buster, Joe Frazier, Kakyire Kwame Appiah, Ansi ne Antwi, among others, and worked alongside veteran actor Agya Koo in many plays.

Stacy is the Founder and President of The Stacy Foundation’s, a non-profit organization that has profoundly affected the lives of many children, widows, and the less fortunate. 

The organization was first founded in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, a metropolitan district of Buabuashie. Stacy Amewoyi established it through the challenges and experiences of her own life. Known initially as Stacy Orphanage Home in Ghana, the organization’s purpose is to support the widows, the orphan, the vulnerable and the weak.

More on the organization here: https://stacymfoundation.org/about/

She also operates Anaya School Complex, which is a training center offering free cosmetology training to inspire the youth and the poor who want a better future. She also owns the New York Fashion Boutique.

She has recently written her first thrilling and entertaining memoir called “The King’s Choice a book that empowers readers to acquire ‘ a can-do spirit ‘ so they can lead a fulfilling life regardless of the challenges.

Stacy stated,

“My memoir’s title came from my hardships. When I looked back at the things that I went through, and what God did for me, I use to ask myself why it happened to me. He chose to bless me from the numerous people out there, and make me a better person. The Kings Choice is simply about God taking me out of the struggles and making me who I am today.”

You find a copy here: https://amzn.to/36bR00T

Stacy’s life is a living example for every one of us, no matter what you go through in life; don’t ever give up on God.

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