Home Business The State Housing Company is currently in high demand.

The State Housing Company is currently in high demand.

by The Ghana HIT

The demand for State Housing Company houses is increasing at a very high rate. A large number of people looking for accommodation are currently choosing the State Housing Company, due to their great quality and affordability. The great transformation in terms of management in the State Housing Company has resulted in the high demand for their houses.

According to the officers at the Customer Service Office, all their houses have already been sold out, “We resumed work just a week ago but the pressure on us by the customer is unprecedented. It’s they just heard a club Court and Mallow Court but unfortunately, they’ve all been sold out.”

The Club Court in North Kaneshie and Mallow Court in Adenta projects are among their most preferred houses. Both have already been sold out but the prospective customers are still enquiring about them, with intention of buying.

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