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‘Many Gospel artists are not God-fearing’ –Brother Sammy

by The Ghana HIT

Gospel Artist Brother Sammy has said the low power of appointment of gospel music in current times is because most of the gospel artists are not God-fearing. According to the musician, past gospel artists such as Cindy Thompson, Esther Smith, Yaw Sarpong, among others, were admired because they were God-fearing and that made them stand out.

Speaking during an interview, Brother Sammy, said things have changed in present times because the modern generation was not God-fearing especially with the continuous departure of various veteran gospel musicians. “The reason gospel music thrived in the past is that people had the fear of God in them. These days there is nothing like that. Most gospel musicians in recent times are often discouraged by some worldly people and are not strong enough to withstand criticisms especially with the advent of social media.”

“Being a gospel musician now is more challenging than in the past because modern gospel music is confronted with lots of temptation ranging from the ungodly lifestyle by some believers and the desire to get material things, without which you are considered a star,” he said.

While replying to whether gospel music is a profitable venture, he said, “Being a gospel musician is not about the material things, you possess but praising your maker through music. We cannot be like others who do circular music but win souls for Christ and not think about making money out of the music business. Gospel musicians in modern times are still doing their best to keep up the spirit of worship through their songs as they spend more money on promotion regardless of whether they can recoup their investment or not.”

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