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Mobile Money minimized the Spread of Covid-19-MTN

by The Ghana HIT

During the Eastern Regional Momo Award ceremony held at Koforidua, Peter Obimpeh said that the high penetration of MTN Mobile money has assisted in minimizing the spread of Covid-19 in Ghana. The main agenda of this ceremony was to honor the 55 agents, Merchants, and foot soldiers. The overall best winners under the 3 categories were awarded motorbikes and the rest got flat-screen Televisions sets with a citation of honor.

Peter, the Senior Commercial Manager in Charge of South-East Zone of MTN Ghana, noted that mobile money offered digital financial transactions, therefore minimizing the movement of the citizen from one place to another. This lowered the exposure to the pandemic. According to him, MTN had the opportunity to learn more technical things, and soon they will add new ideas to the digital transactions to enhance it.

Statistics show that Unlike other nations the pandemic state in Ghana seems to be under control. “If you notice many of the information that was sent around for us to do a lot more digital activities and of course mobile money played a key role. In this Covid-19 era, you can transact without necessarily going to an agent point to withdraw money. You can also transact across so that is how similar the service is and within that difficult moment many people are able to sit comfortably and do your transactions without visiting an agent point.”

“But I must also say that in terms of what role the agents also play their presence within the various communities was also very key that you don’t need to also travel longer a distance to be able to access some of the services. So, I think it played a role and we’ve also learned a lot in terms of how we can make it more robust for such eventualities.”

Faisal Ali, the Mobile money implementation Manager, noted that MTN will insure the mobile agents. He also requested the agents to follow the covid-19 rule and regulation to remain safe.

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