Home Business More than 10,000 Youths will be employed under 1D1F.

More than 10,000 Youths will be employed under 1D1F.

by The Ghana HIT

The District Chief Executive Officer of Ada East has disclosed that more than 10,000 youth from that District will get employment under the one District one Factory(1D1F) initiative. The 1D1F is under the private companies and its aim is to ensure capital inflows in the district for economic growth.

Madam Sarah Dugbakie said that various foreign investors are interested in building companies and industries in this District in order to improve the living standards of the people of this region. EPSIS limited Company intends to train the youth in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering while Ossa Food Limited intends to train the youth who wants to venture into Agribusiness. TRASACCO, Electrochem, DEF’TRACO group, DAN’S MA limited Company and DELORA Stock will also employ the youth of this District.

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